Monday, April 27, 2009

A lil bit of Blue

Going outstation tomorrow to 2 of my many territories, Raub & Kuantan. Feeling a bit reluctant this time no idea why. Maybe it's because I am still feeling new and unsecured bout this working environment & culture, or maybe it's due to the extra-early travel time at 5am tomorrow!!!

I see bricks of work stress floating on top of my head, falling down anytime & anywhere. Hooshhh~ go away!

I actually have something in mind to share, about somebody's belated birthday dinner & my ice-cream surprise. But too bad, last night was sleepless and I think I should rest now, for tomorrow, and beyond.

Saturday, April 25, 2009



刚刚就喝了一杯香浓的奶茶,看完了一部触动我心的电影——《恋空》,爱上了电影里头的某演员,之后还看了一集笑到我不行的《康熙》。你也按一下看看吧,看你要唱方大同的Love Song还是吃鹅肉,哈哈哈!






Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Thousand Splendid Suns, and more...

Just realised that I actually enjoy reading novels (besides Harry Potter series) as much as watching movie, you know, that putting-yourself-into-the-story sensation. My sis got this book 3 days ago, and I finished digging it in 2 nights' time. Comment? I must say, it's a great book, a very inspiring one! Read some reviews or go buy the book lah if you are interested or got doubts with my taste of reading, hehe! The next book I'm going to get from the bookstore will be 'The Kite Runner', written by the same author, Khaled Hosseini.

So how am I so far? Very Good! and Fat! hahahahaha~! After almost a week plus of home-cooked food by mum, as well as all those farewell lunchs and dinners with my former colleagues. Sounded like my holidays were/are filled with nothing but food, duh of course not! There's a lot more, you know, family bonding kinda stuffs? LoL!!

Again, I haven't got my laptop yet, most probably next week before new job starts. So would it be Dell? or Compaq? Been listening to too many comments bout both brands, pros and cons. Who knows, I might end up getting a Macbook? Haha! I wish! I really wish gar. Any discounts, or vouchers that you got and don't mind sharing? xD

What's with the bolded words? I've no idea, just feel like bolding them. Maybe those are the main things bing-banging in my head now.

Meanwhile, I cant wait for this Saturday's Genting outing with some former colleagues and students. I cant wait for this Sunday night's steamboat dinner with homies and friends. I cant wait for the approval of something for the greater good. I cant wait for next week to come thou I'm still deciding whether to head down SG or not. I cant wait for next Thursday to arrive where I'll be meeting new colleagues and new environment. I cant wait for 24th June to come as well, you know I know what it is, hehe!

Sending mum to airport at 4 and dinner with the Big Boobies after that.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kamsa Hamnida!

I haven't got myself a laptop therefore going online whenever I want to is rather impossible. But it's ok, I CANt live without the internet! Ops did it misspelled anything? According to the new boss I will be equipped with a laptop, but I don't think it's a good idea to use it as a personal one, again? Nah! So, would it be DELL or COMPAQ? *cracking head* But first thing before that is to plan for my installment payment. Why is that? Cause I don't earn 10K per month ok?! :) Cheeeeers~

ONE photo for today's title, just to be responsible to my blog.

This farewell luncheon happened last Wednesday (April Fools & LooYee's bday too!). I was brought to a name-forgotten Korean restaurant nearby college (upstairs McD SS15) by Esther & Joona, accompanied by Harry, and then joined by Marilyn. It was a pleasant lunch session, food was ok but I think i stuffed too much pickles & kimchis into my tummy before main course. Thank you Esther, Joona, Harry & Marilyn!!!

A day after, I had another farewell lunch at Nando's Subang Parade with Shah, Meilee, Natalie & LooYee. No photos were taken, my mistake! Thanks you guys! especially to Shah the organizer!!

Not really in the mood to write those farewell feelings yet, cause I am enjoying my break very much! xD

Till then, MUAKS!

ps/ 愿上帝把叶子化成飞翔的翅膀把阿桑带到永恒的天国。永别了,阿桑

Saturday, April 4, 2009

1st day of break

And what the fish, i am currently waiting for the nurse to call my name... Plans for the day all ruined, thanks to the rains and food i had. But luckily i get to hide at home resting for next week. :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009




Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tata Toshiba!

This laptop has been my work buddy for more than a year, travelling with me, sharing good times, bad times, and special moments, hehe! And today, I am going to leave her behind for 'the greated good', or should I say, inheriting her to the next person, my sai lou! Hahahahaha!!! First thing IT department must do is to REformat her, just in case she still remembers what I did to her! LOL!!! fishy fishy~

Meanwhile, Happy April Fools Day!
and Happy 26th Birthday to LooYee, the old Hakka po!

Cheers everyone~ xD