Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dear Danny

Feeling sleepy after lunch is a 天公地道 punya issue.
To avoid drinking coffee or tea, I usually read some blogs before resuming my work.

Yes, I still read blogs, although I don't do it that often,
and using Google Reader is so much simpler nowadays.

But sometimes when I feel itchy here and there and want to leave comments
I will have to click and browse the blog, and I just did.

And to my surprise, Danny le Big Mouth is against my company's access policy.
Reason being? Sila click to enlarge the print screen.

Since when his blog falls under the PORN category? LOL!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Santa (2011)

I've been a very very good boy this year, achieved quite a number of 1st times, well travelled, et al. Hence, I bet you are smart enough to guess what's on my mind right? Right Santa? Right right??

1. Watch!! (I'm ok with G-Shock or Swatch, no need Rolex)
2. A pair of dumbbell & yoga mat (to workout at home at times after OT)
3. Working pants & shirts & belt (Topman pants + G2 shirts)
4. Wallet maybe? (DGMultiple?)
5. Laptop yes laptop!! (cannot simply save 'things' in company's laptop)
6. A pair of leather shoes (Hush Puppies has my size!)
7. Bubu che!(I'm ok with Myvi, thou Ford Fiesta is nice)
8. My very own place! (Apartment/Condo is ok, no need landed property)

Ok Santa, I'm done! Just 8 for this year and well, thank you very much!

Alan C.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Flyable 2011

Just doing a sum up of the number of times I've been travelling by air this year. Another entry to Alan's Book of Lecords.

KUL - BKI - KUL : Jan, For CNY
KUL - MLB - KUL : Feb, Melbourne family trip
KUL - HKT - KUL : Feb, Phuket beachy trip
KUL - LGK - KUL : Feb, Langkawi roadshow
KUL - BKI - KUL : Mar, Sabah roadshow (+1 in-state flight)
KUL - BKI - KUL : Apr, Annual leave
KUL - BKI - KUL : Jun, Annual leave
KUL - REP - KUL : Jul, Siem Reap Kuku trip
KUL - BKI - KUL : Aug, Annual leave
KUL - BKI - KUL : Oct, Sabah roadshow (+3 in-state flights)
KUL - SBW - KUL : Dec, Sibu roadshow
KUL - BKI - KUL : Dec, Annual leave

In summary, 3 overseas trips, 4 business trips, and a total of 7 home going trips both for work and holidays with 4 in-state flights from KK to Sandakan, Tawau and Labuan.

Such a Flyable year! :)