Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Work has been slow for the past few weeks, which to be a bit bit honest hor, causes everyone to be a bit bit slacky. However things will be catching up real soon as October draws near, need to start my motor ke engine ke sayap ke again.

And come to think of it, it is Wednesday tomorrow, like... mid week only?!?!?!

Feeling a lil bit shitty but happy in the same time, because I always look forward to the weekends, althou I do need to work on many Saturdays.

Coming up is an part-time job interview this weekend. Fingers croxxed! If i get it, i'll have no life. If i don't get it, i'll have no extra $$$$.

Life is full of love & hate relationship, don't you think so?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Merry Macarons!

This expensive little French pastry is hitting the town slowly. And sadly, I'm one of the sweety-toothy victim who is falling for it. :(

I tasted the above at Whisk KL, Empire Shopping Gallery. They offer up to 8 flavours per day, out of many many traditional and self-create flavours.

The best one I've tried from their kitchen is Cafe Creme! The filling, the texture, the crust, omfg damn orgasmic!!!

Note- If you have no idea what to get me as gifts, be it Christmas, birthday, Valentines or even CNY, get my a box of yummy macarons!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Move on!

If you feel stuck up at work for no reason.

How do I look? LOL!

Fingers croxxed!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Malaysia Day!

My dear country, today is your actual birthday, the day you were formed 48 years ago!

As a fellow citizen, I promise you to do my part, by going home and vote in the next general election. UNDIlah! :)

Have you registered to be a voter? :)

And I spent half of my day here, dinnered with 6 of my closer friends.

Will be travelling to Janda Baik for the weekend, to rest and relax away from the city.

Hope you enjoy yours too!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

McDay 3

Sicky me, visited the doc again for the 3rd time and got her advice to take today off. 'Stop being stubborn' she said, well she didn't really said it but I felt literally being slapped by her. Ouch!

Meanwhile tomorrow is Malaysia Day, which directly means that I've only worked for ONE day this week. Not sure if I should feel happy or not, since Performance Appraisal is around the corner.

And guess what I bought for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Bread & Nutella!

Nom nom nom nom. I'm a sick but happy lil boy!
I'm still constantly checking emails, replying calls and such.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sakit dan Kekok

Another contradicting post compare to the below. I haven't been very well ever since the haze is around. Haze is not a very good friend of people like me, with allergies and sinusitis.

It is my 2nd MC this week, 1st was on Monday. Doctor actually wanted me to rest for 2 days, but i pandai pandai declined and got bad in the office yesterday. Hence i am resting at home again today, avoiding the air con and people.

Lucky enough, it rained heavily! The air is so refreshed and hazeless. I can open the balcony door wide now, and enjoy my warm Milo!

Going for a weekend getaway to Janda Baik. Must get well asap!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sihat dan Kuat

Selepas minum Milo lah tu, kononnya.

Seems to be a good morning to start laundry and stuffs. It is a routine for singlehoodie like myself who stays alone, everything has to be in DIY style.


Saturday, September 10, 2011




Wednesday, September 7, 2011

are you happy? no happy?

I was 'lucky' enough to be nominated as a committee member of this year's staff trip, with no experience of organizing or assisting such as huge project, involving more than 1000 stuffs across 3 campuses, for 7 round of trips to 4 different locations.

And I tell you, the hardest part is not about organizing it, but to satisfy everyone, to make them happy, all 1000 of them, which is rather a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!?

But anyhow, it was ('is' actually, cause there are 5 more trips to go before the whole project ends) an eye opener, being able to observe how colleagues from different departments work do their things, and to compare them with my own department, who does things in a maximum CBS way. :)

*CBS - Cover Back Side

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I lost my cool at work

Right after I posted the entry below. How... contradicting right???

What happened was, this bitch quoted my statement, a twisted version to be exact, in an email, and sent to many senior managements involved in some unfortunate incident.

And after we had a happy time cat fighting on FB, childishly.

Seriously, she's a well known pain in the ass character in the company, having this very rude and no class attitude, swearing and cursing non stop over petty issues. In short, BITCH!

Maybe it is simply because she felt unsecured & trying to self-protect,

for being nicknamed TOMMYBOY?


(Trying to be positive minded)

Thank you for creating the smelly crap shit, which has directly given me an opportunity to advance myself in new shit cleaning techniques, best of all performing it in a smarter, speedier, quieter and most importantly, vogue-er way! :)