Friday, November 30, 2012


Recently I was given an opportunity to take over certain responsibilities from another colleague, whom, according to the higher management, is not communicating well with the foreign partner nor performing well with the targets given.

I was surprised when told, and in doubt very much with my ability, whether I am able to hold such an important role or not. But after a second thought, I agreed to take up this role, firstly is to train myself further, to gain extra values and international contacts (Switzerland!!), secondly to earn some extra income.

The management has yet made it official, meaning the currently person in charge who is also my partner for some projects, has no idea at all that this will be taken away from her and to be parked under me. Now this is going to be awkward! No hard feelings I hope, because it is not my decision nor our manager's decision, it was decided by the management as well as the foreign partner.

The person who I am going to liaise with, from Switzerland, is known for his high demand in work quality and dedications, which I believe I will suffer a bit but should not be a problem, since I will have enough supports from the management and enough budget to do what I plan to.

So what is my worry now then?

I have no idea yet but I am feeling a bit uneasy after receiving an email with list of work to do for December.

Maybe it is just a sudden doubt of my real ability, whether I can cope with it on top of my current responsibilities, planned projects and events for 2013 and so on.

Maybe I am simply thinking too much too far in advance.

Maybe right after consolidating all the above I would feel better.

I hope I will.

Switzerland woo hoo!

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

Nothing to do with the movie.

My best buddy since Form 3 has just got married last Saturday, and unavoidably, I was one of the heng dais in crime to grab over the bride from the evil ji muis. Ohhhh they were really crazy! Imagine your face being treated like a drawing paper, lipsticks eyeliners fake eyelashes all over your face. Not to mention the cilipadi cracker, oh so spicey!

Congratulations old friend! It was a day full of love and blessings, almost teared seeing Mrs. Cheong accompanied by aunty & uncle, walking towards you. :)

Now, when can I hug my kai-zai kai-lui??? *poke holes on his condom*