Wednesday, June 4, 2014


So what happened was, I applied for the Assistant Manager post in my department (Yes I know, not a direct promotion but a new application, weirdly speaking but that's the system) and fortunately I have got through the interview, earning myself a promotion from Senior Executive to Assistant Manager for the domestic market. I have not forgotten, 2-3 years ago back in my previous company, there is this future objective thing that I've written in my appraisal that I would want to climb up to a managerial position by the age of 30. Why guess what, I am turning 30 two weeks later. :)

Sounds like a dream come true? Well I am not sure, yet. I do not have the confident in managing a team of 4, yet, what more the manager (younger, bad feedbacks from the industry) who is coming in soon and the 2 levels above him. Not going to be an easy task AT ALL!

We shall see how it goes. Need a lot of self-managing starting from NOW.

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